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Rosy rose lip scrub with avocado oil

Rosy rose lip scrub from Juicy Chemistry

Rosy rose lip scrub

Juicy Chemistry Rosy Rose Lip Scrub

While searching online sites to purchase natural products for skin and hair care, I stumbled upon this site known as Juicy Chemistry. After going through most of the products under this brand I choose to order a Lip scrub and an anti dandruff fenugreek-yogurt shampoo bar.

Well, this post is for the lip scrub in the flavor rosy rose. There are several other enticing flavors available namely Choco mint, lemon and spearmint, (Mojito), fruity grapefruit, Orange candy lip scrub. Each one costs 200INR for 10gms.

Rosy rose lip scrub ingredients: Avocado oil, Tocopherol, Sweet almond oil, Beeswax, Shea butter, Organic white sugar, Indian rose oil.  After going through the list I was pretty impressed as each one of the ingredient has so much to offer.

Avocado Oil: This oil is rich in Oleic acid and hydrates the lips, prevents gum diseases. It is commonly used alongside beeswax and shea butter in making DIY lip balms as this oil is known to make lips pink and soft.

Tocopherol is Vitamin E and it helps in tissue regeneration of chapped and peeling lips.

Almond oil acts as moisturizer and prevents lips from getting dehydrated.

White sugar: Sugar added acts as scrubbing agent of lip scrub and exfoliates the lips.

Rosy rose lip scrub

My experience: The moment I opened the cute tub of this lip scrub, I was received by an invigorating rose scent. When I started scrubbing gently my lips by taking sufficient amount of this lip scrub on my fingers i felt the tingling and cooling effect. Lip scrub has white sugar in it and so you need not use a soft tooth brush for getting the exfoliating effect nonetheless using a soft tooth brush improves blood circulation. As lip products  enter the oral cavity one can be rest assured with this lip scrub as it is infused with all natural ingredients and so obviously safe to use. Moreover as I have mentioned avocado oil is good for gums. After scrubbing for few minutes I left the product on my lips as I loved the tingling feel. Then I took a tissue and wiped the scrub off.

Result: I have extremely dry and chapped lips and this scrub has turned out to b my savior. I would definitely try other flavors after I run out of this rosy rose lip scrub.

Final Verdict: I give 5 on 5 stars to this lip scrub. It is a must have if your lips get dehydrated and start peeling very often. As mentioned on the container, don’t forget to do patch test before you try

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