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Adult Acne Facts You Should Know to Shut the Cringe-Worthy Advice from Others

Adult-Acne Facts You Should Know to Shut the Cringe-Worthy Advice from Others

From people who never faced acne breakouts to skincare brands, everyone has an opinion on do’s and don’ts for acne.

Their half-witted knowledge does no-good, instead adds up to the misery of an acne sufferer.

They try to make us feel conscious about our own skin with their cringe-worthy advice.

Anyhow, from now on, you’ll have few savage responses up your sleeve.

Adult Acne Fact 1- Acne may persist even after teenage years and not just on face:

I have come across people sharing their adolescent acne stories in an attempt to offer their oh-so valuable skin expertise.

Sadly, they don’t bother to comprehend the fact that something called hormonal acne can exist even in adult hood.

Some even go on to explain how a paste of turmeric cleared their face for life.

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Lemon and Baking powder are the two highly misused home remedies. The former is highly acidic and latter is highly basic👩‍🏫 Lemon juice has pH around 2 and Baking powder solution’s pH is 8.1.👩‍🔬 But, our our body is designed in such a way that our exterior skin has slightly acidic pH of 4.5 to 6 known as acid mantle whereas, interior environment is alkaline, having a pH of 7.4👩‍⚕️ This an amazing defense system against harmful disease causing viruses and pathogens. When you use highly alkaline products you are disrupting your skin’s natural acid mantle. Rather than fading scars, the skin becomes friendly towards acne causing bacteria, Propionibacterium acnes.😳 Furthermore,even the soaps we use are highly alkaline in nature. Undoubtedly, they going to make your skin feel oil-free but at the cost of ripping the natural fatty acids present in the skin. They increase the loss of moisture from your skin. With this not only your skin gonna feel dry and flaky but also helps in breeding of acne causing bacteria. Not to mention, even hard water which is alkaline if used for cleansing, increases the skin pH and it takes around 4 to 6 hours duration for the skin pH to come back to normal. Now, You may be wondering about those countless DIY home remedies that more or less asks you to slather your face with lemon juice. Well, if you would like to know the Factuality of such recipes then comment below because you get in life what you have the courage to ask for😊 _______________________________________ #skincare #skincarethreads #skincarehacks #skincarehomemade #skincarehomemadeorganik #organicsoap #organicskincareproducts #bakingsodadoesthat #lemonfacechallenge #lemonskincare #lemonforskin #acnescars #acnehomeremedies #acnetreatment #adultacne #skinlightening #skincareingredients #skincareenthusiast #skinbleaching #blemishfree #blemishfreeskincare #blemishfreeskin

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If only they use their expertise in knowing the fact that it wasn’t turmeric that offered them forever clear skin but their genetic makeup.

Genetic makeup of an individual dictates:

Sensitivity of skin to hormones produced in the body,

Sensitivity of skin to hardness/softness of water used for cleansing,

Weather and also air quality.

In short it determines the persistence of acne even after teenage years.

Furthermore, acne is even classified as pre-adolescent acne, adolescent acne and post-adolescent acne.

Of all the adult-acne sufferers, women in their twenties are most likely to have Adult acne. Also, 70% suffer from it because it runs in their genes.

Not to mention, the shocked expressions from these wannabe skin experts on knowing that some women may even have to deal with acne on their back, chest and shoulders.

After their newly found revelation, they rake their brains to offer their next humiliating and cringe-worthy advice by making acne all about hygiene.

Adult Acne Fact 2- Whether Acne-prone or Clear Skin Everyone Has the Bacteria Named Propionibacterium Acnes in their Skin:

From changing pillow covers everyday to keeping greasy hair miles away from the face, under the pretext of advice you get to hear all that claptrap.

Many have the misconception about the presence of the bacteria, P.acnes only in skin of oily-acne prone individuals. Paving the way for tips on hygiene and cleansing to acne sufferers.

Often such advice takes a toll on acne sufferers. If only people know how hard women with acne take their hygiene seriously.

Truth to be told, frequent cleansing irritates and dries out the skin which leads to increased production of sebum. (Sebum- The natural oil produced by the skin).

At the same time even kills skin’s natural flora.

Henceforth, you can take delight by debunking their lame suggestions.

A study published in Journal of Investigative dermatology reported that even individuals with clear skin have P.acnes bacteria.

But, the strain of these bacteria differs from those present in individuals with acne in providing protective help to the skin.

In clear skin individuals they exist commensally.

However, in acne prone individuals build up of sebum under the clogged skin pores, provides a breeding ground for P.acnes.

When this happens, body’s immune system assumes P.acnes as foreign invaders, leading to an inflammatory response.

In addition, natural deficiency of certain skin lipids known as the Sphingolipids makes acne sufferers vulnerable to acne.

As for the clogged pores you got to read further.

Adult Acne Fact 3 – Blackheads are Not Dirt Filled Pores of the Skin:

Skin care brands take the trophy in blatantly labeling blackheads and acne as a mere problem of dirt and excess oil.

They first ingrain such half-witted notions in people and then cash on it.

Blackhead being black has nothing to do with dirt or so called impurities.

The skin pigment melanin present in plugged pores changes its color to black on exposure to atmospheric oxygen.

As for the plug, it constitutes skin debris and sebum. Skin debris forms and sheds naturally every few days even in people with clear skin. Understanding natural shedding of skin debris (click here)

But, in acne prone people skin debris tends to congeal. Furthermore, the oil producing glands in their skin have high sensitivity to the hormones in the body.

Adult Acne Fact 4 – Oily foods don’t make you oily:

This tops the list of unsolicited advice.

I try hard to hold back a snarky response whenever I come across people who relate oily skin to oily food and makeup as the reason for acne.

Except for cutting down sugars, every acne-alleviating nutritional trend has pot holes.

Going off certain foods for treating acne if found beneficial to some may not work for others.

As for make-up, I have encountered a lady who doesn’t do (or say doesn’t know how to do) makeup asking others to stop using makeup cosmetics to get rid of acne.

Makeup is an art and if you love doing it you should never give up what you love. Moreover, we have many makeup brands offering non-pore clogging make up cosmetics.

Adult Acne Fact 5- Often Women with Acne put more efforts than any else out there:

Often aestheticians at salons assume that we don’t make enough efforts to get clear skin.

Well, you can mostly ignore them as they try to manipulate our perceptions to sell their skin treatments.

You know the efforts you put into your skin care. Don’t let them make you think otherwise.


I believe these facts have given you a broader insight on Acne.

Most importantly, I hope these facts piques your interest in understanding the root cause of skin problems.

As for Adult acne, regulating hormones can play a major role. Give the below article a read if you are dealing with PCOS

2 simple ways to regulate the hormones involved in PCOS

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