About Me

Hello I am lubna.k, a qualified Pharmaceutical Analyst & skincare formulator. And here’s my story:👇

Growing up I had acne troubles. I thought it was just a teenage problem and blindly followed all suggestions on home remedies. Also tried every other product in market.  I was also told by the time I reach early twenties my acne troubles will vanish. Little did I know that there’s more to acne than being just a teenage girl’s problem.

My turning point was when I entered into Pharmaceutical field and went on to become a Pharmaceutical Analyst. This made me delve deeper into analyzing skincare ingredients as well as developed my interest in reading and understanding research papers on common skin problems.

This not only stopped me from going after hyped trends but also become more self-confident.

As a matter of fact, women skin concerns and women’s health are interconnected. First, I started Mywellspring to bust health myths but soon realized, my passion for explaining others the science of skincare so that they can handle their skin concerns in a more logical manner.

Blending two or three “all natural” kitchen stuff won’t and will never work for our skin. Unless we understand what skin needs we cannot address our skin concerns.

As I hail from pharmaceutical industry, I not only analyse countless scientific manuscripts to understand what skin needs but also work round the clock in my lab to come up with formulas that suit our Indian skin type.

Having potential active ingredients that can address our skin concerns is the need of the hour.
These active ingredients can be both extracted naturally or made in a lab.

Therefore, beauty spring products are the blend of nature and science. Focus of our products is the right combination of active ingredients that work for the skin.
So here’s our Beauty Spring’s art of skincare with science as the foundation.