C in Sea by Beauty Spring – Vitamin C Facial Oil 15ml

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C in Sea by Beauty Spring is an oil based formula of Vitamin C, which serves the 2 in 1 purpose of facial oil as well as a Vitamin C serum.

The very common water based Vitamin C serums dry out and irritate the skin. Furthermore, they lose their potency very soon once exposed to air. Therefore, Beauty spring brings to you – C in Sea , a Vitamin C oil that works as potent anti oxidant over long periods of time without losing its efficacy.

C in Sea by Beauty Spring brings value to your money as the formula is stable and works long term without sensitizing the skin. C in Sea has added advantage of exotic oils namely Seabuckthorn berry oil which is rich source of carotenoids as well as Vitamin E rich Argan nut oil. 

The Vitamin C present in C in Sea is  Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, a stable, clinically effective, gentle & skin penetrating form of Vitamin C. Furthermore, the oil blend used in C in Sea is of highest purity and is checked for its natural carotenoids (natural Vitamin A) content

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The Vitamin C form, Tetrahexyldecylascorbate used in C in Sea by Beauty Spring has better skin penetration ability. The oil blend and extracts used give an added benefit of natural Vitamin A supplementation to the skin.

Sea Buckthorn berry Oil present in C in Sea is sourced from Organic Farm estates of  Fordingbridge in England. The reason for choosing the European variety of Seabuckthorn berry oil in C in Sea is because European variety is a rich source of Vitamin C along with  Vitamin A (alpha &  beta Carotenes.). In addition to fruit oil C in Sea also has concentrated extracts of Seabuckthorn berry.  

The 3rd hero ingredient of C in Sea by Beauty Spring is Argan nut oil. Argan Oil used in C in Sea contains a high content of alpha tocopherols, carotene, phytosterols and omega 6. It stimulates, protects and regenerates, helping to retain the soft supple, elastic skin.

The ingredients that play a supportive role in C in Sea are the extracts of Calendula & Seabuckthorn berry. These work to calm and soothe the skin.

C in Sea offer two variants: With Rose essential oil of Bulgarian variety and other without any essentia oils.

Please select which option you prefer before placing your order

Directions for Use: Take 2 drops of C in Sea and gently massage the right side of your face. Then another 2 drops to massage your left side of face followed by neck. Use C in Sea before heading to bed and after you have used all your other skincare products. 

Additional information

With Added Organic Rose Oil

Yes, No


Actives: Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate  (Vitamin C -antioxidant)

Cold pressed Organic Seabuckthorn fruit oil, Cold pressed Argan nut oil, Seabuckthorn extract, Calendula extract, Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin e), Organic Rose essential oil.

FAQs Answered

What is C in Sea?

It is what your skin needs. 

What’s the composition? 

A stable & effective form of Vitamin C in a blend of Seabuckthorn fruit Oil, Argan oil with added calendula extracts. 

How is it different from other Vitamin C serums?

  It is not a water based Vitamin C serum , C in Sea is a potent oil based Vitamin C serum.

Why prefer C in Sea over water based Vitamin C serums?

When in water, the effectiveness of Vitamin C reduces over a period of time. Even before you reach even half of the bottle most of its potency is lost. Furthermore, water based Vitamin C serums can give a sticky feel & irritate the skin by increasing  skin’s sensitivity.

As C in Sea is an oil formula, will it make my skin more oily?

The blend of oils used soak into your skin giving a beautiful healthy & nourished glow. No, it won’t make your skin more oily. 

Can oily skin type use C in Sea? 

Yes, best to use after exfoliation or after using any mud masks. 

When to use C in Sea? 

As the Seabuckthorn fruit Oil in our C in Sea is of highest purity, its carotenoid content is high too. It may give your skin a light orange hue. So preferably use at night times. 

What’s the cost & qty?

INR 1050 for 15ml. 

3 reviews for C in Sea by Beauty Spring – Vitamin C Facial Oil 15ml

  1. Sidra fatima

    5 stars
    I first had a chat with lubna then I asked her if I can call her. Our call was for almost an hour. Over the call, I realized I wasn’t speaking to a sales or business minded person but to someone very genuine. I was beyond amazed with her passion and knowledge of her work as a skincare formulator. Not for once was she pushy. This was so unlike my previous experiences with other formulators I contacted on Instagram. I finally placed my order. I have been using C in Sea from 1 month. It has this rich luxurious feel to it. It sinks well and by the way I have dry skin. The improvement in texture is gradual & subtle. You guys won’t regret buying this.
    Looking forward to other products from Beauty Spring

  2. shalini

    C in Sea has become staple in my routine. Having used different oils from top end brands, I can vouch for the quality of oils used in this serum. All I need is a 3 drops and it is more than sufficient

  3. Sunitha. M

    It absorbs well but for my combination skin initially it was somewhat oily. After a week my skin adjusted to it. It gives my face a healthy glow. I don’t have to use any other facial oils and also any vitamin C serums. So it’s like 2 in 1 product.

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