Egyptian Bath Secrets by Beauty Spring

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Exotic Roses with varying types of milk and luxurious oil bath is what every woman deserves to pamper herself with for her mental and physical well being. However, In this time and age, it’s near to impossible having the patience to consistently follow lengthy bath rituals. Not to mention, it gets gruesome managing the left over of the exotic bath necessities in your washroom. 

Therefore, Beauty Spring has designed a Bath Ritual Cleanser that closely mimics the ancient Egyptian royal bath regime – Egyptian Bath Secrets by Beauty Spring. 

Egyptian Bath Secrets is a no-hassle bath cleanser. You can use it whenever or wherever you feel like whether travelling or at your home. 

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How is it made?

Heavenly Persian Roses &  Exotic Butterfly pea flowers are added with extracts of skin soothing Calendula & skin exfoliating hibiscus. This luxurious blend is infused with varying types of milk – Curdled milk, sour milk & Coconut milk. Then luxurious Moroccan Argan Oil is added to the mix. Additionally, Sandalwood extracts and Orange peel extracts are added for additional skin invigorating effects. 

This stellar bath ritual mix is furthermore formulated in a way that eases the use and wash-off as a baby soft foam. 

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Organic Persian Roses, Organic Butterfly pea flowers, Hibiscus Extract, Calendula Extract, Sour Milk, Coconut Milk, Curdled Milk, Moroccan Argan Oil, Colloidal Oatmeal, Hydroxy Ethyl cellulose, Sodium cocoyl isoethionate, Ceylon Sandalwood Extract, Orange peel Extract, Damascus Rose Essential Oil.

How to use

Take required quantity of Egyptian Bath Secrets. Activate with plain water to make paste of moderate consistency. Use all over your body. Leave it on for few minutes or can be rinsed off immediately


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